Madhouse Family Awards

Do you have a website that you think is worthy of an award?
Well, maybe we will, too! Apply for one of our awards, now! Please read the qualifications for each award before applying!

To receive one of our pet awards, your page must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Feature your pet parrots or dogs with at least one picture and information or stories about your pet.
  2. It must be Family Friendly.
  3. Your page should be nicely laid out and easy to navigate.
  4. Have no broken links or graphics.
  5. Your page must be eye-catching and pleasant to look at.

To receive the Love of Birds award, your site has to reflect your love of birds, and be of superior quality. This award will be a little harder to receive than the others!

To receive the Tickle My Feathers award, your site has to have something that really tickled me. Cute pics or stories of your birds? Something bird related that is humorous?

Rachel's Pawfect Page Award
Simon Says Great Page Award Abby Thinks Your page is Too cool award

Peli's Playful Parrot Page Prize You tickle my feathers award

For the Love of Birds - Excellent Site Award

Skyler's Memorial Website Award Your Site is a Perch Above the Rest

Thank you to LadyCare for these next five lovely parrot awards.

Mohawk and Abby rate your cage Top of the Page

Your site is a beautiful plume Mohawk Says Your Site is Worth a Chirp

Spice raised her crest for your site Abby likes your perch

To receive the Shining, Here's to You, Madhouse Mad Award, Bowls Me Over, Fallen for your Site, Sure as Chutin', Pretty as a Picture, Hotter than Lava, Best of the Bunch, Fresh as a Daisy, Bright as a Toucan, or Mad for your Site awards, your site must be:
  1. Family Friendly.
  2. Nicely laid out and easy to navigate.
  3. Have no broken links or graphics.
  4. Eye-catching and pleasant to look at.
  5. And I've got to like it! Does it capture my attention and make me want to visit again?

To receive the Purple Passion Award, your site must meet all of the above qualifications, PLUS have mostly PURPLE content. :)

To receive the Naturally Beautiful award, your site must meet all of the above qualifications, PLUS be something that strikes me as truly beautiful - are your graphics stunning? Is your site about the beauty in nature? What makes your site beautiful?

For the Fancy Feathers Design Award, you site must meet all of the above qualifications, PLUS be an exceptionally well designed site. Do your graphics all flow together? Is it so easy to navigate that no one will get lost?

Choose from one of these Madhouse Awards for any family friendly site!
Your Site is Pretty as a Picture Award Your Site is Hotter Than Lava Award

We've Fallen For Your Site Award Passion For Purple Award Your Site Bowls Me Over Award

Sure as Chutin We like Your Site

Four adorable awards, made for me by my dear friend, Jamie.
Thank you, Jamie, for such a lovely and thoughtful gift!

We're Mad about your Site - Award from the Madhouse Madhouse Mad award

Here's to You Award from Lori Skye thinks this site really shines

Fresh As a Daisy Site Award Fancy Feathers Design Award Naturally Beautiful Website Award

Best of the Bunch Site Award from Skye's For Birds Your Site Brightens the Web

If you'd like to apply for one of our awards, please fill out the following form and submit it to us. I will get back to you within a week to let you know if you've won or not. If you don't win, feel free to make some changes to your site and apply again!

If you win, I will email you the award (please let me know if your email doesn't support receiving graphics!) and I will expect you to have the award up on your site within a week. You may place the award on the page that you applied for, or on a separate awards page. Don't forget to link the award back appropriately to either Skye's for Birds ( or Rachel's Pawfect Page ( Passion for Purple Page ( or The Madhouse (") . Also don't forget to email me when the award is up on your site so I can add you to the Winner's Page!

Award winning pages will be featured on the Winners page!

Award Application

Name: Email:
Homepage: Title:

Which Award are you applying for?

Scroll through and choose one of the options, please!

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Why you think your page should win:

Do you have a Kid's page that is worthy of an award? Visit my son's site and apply for his Kickin' award!
Alexander got a KICK out of your site

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