My Castle Tour

I lived in England for 5 years, and while I was there, spent as much time as I could in search of castles. I enjoyed each and every one I was able to visit, whether it be ruins or fully preserved.

I'd like to share some of my favorites with you now! Just click on the small pictures to see a larger version (all my own photographs, unless noted otherwise - other photographs are actually postcards purchased at the site). Text links are to the castles' own websites, or some other interesting site that features it.

Castle Rising small photo Castle Rising Castle near Kings Lyn, East Anglia
The castle sits down in the center of a large earthworks ring.
Tudor rose shaped Deal Castle Deal Castle, Kent, as seen from the beach across the street. It is a multi-level, Tudor rose shaped castle, lower than street level.
aerial view of Deal Castle Aerial photograph of Deal Castle, courtesy of English Heritage. Shows how the castle is in sort of a moat like walled area, and the fantastic shape of the castle.
photograph of Edinburgh castle high up on the bluff Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, photo courtesy of Braemar Films Ltd. Doesn't really show how beautiful or extensive the Castle and grounds are, but still impressive.
Aerial view of Bodiam castle and moat Probably my favorite of all the castles I visited in England, Bodiam. This photo courtesy of Judges Postcards, Ltd. This is a great picture of Bodiam, showing the large moatlike lake it sits in the middle of. On the far side, is the road leading to the castle itself.
Aerial view of Bodiam castle and moat Bodiam, again, a truly beautiful scene in Kent county. This photo courtesy of Judges Postcards, Ltd. How I would love to see this castle exactly was it was when new!
foggy view of a castle and a moat This is a favorite view of Bodiam Castle, looming out of the mist. When we were heading to the castle, I almost stepped into the lake before I saw the castle itself in the fog. What a perfect fantasy castle! Can you see why it is my favorite?
tall, rectangular castle and wall Richmond Castle in Yorkshire. Very impressive against the skyline.
small but handsome castle Orford castle was one I really liked. It is small, but stands so stalwart and commanding. This picture is also the one I made the background for this page with.
Incredible photo of an Abbey ruins with lots of columns and arches. I didn't want to leave Rievaulx Abbey. It was so incredible. I wandered among the ruins for as long as I could draw out the visit. The work on this building was so riveting. Just look at the architecture!
Another tall castle This is Rochester Castle. Can you imagine climbing all those stairs daily to get to the top floor? What a view from the top, though.
Framlingham Castle - wide, low castle with a large inner courtyard Framlingham Castle was a wide, low castle, with an enormous courtyard inside. This castle was not much more than an hour from where we lived in England - in Suffolk. It was the first castle my son, Alexander visited, at the ripe old age of 6 weeks! Photo courtesy of English Heritage.


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