Merry Christmas from the Madhouse Family!

twinkling Christmas lights

Christmas is my very favorite holiday, and christmas lights are my favorite part of this holiday. I try to always go out and see some lights on houses during the season, even though I don't put them up myself. I do always have lots of colored lights on my own tree, though.

When I was younger, I used to take my glasses off, and lay down underneath the tree, and just look at how big and beautiful the lights looked that way. They looked as big as saucers to me.

I also love decorating my tree. I don't have a tree that looks all one color, or all symmetrical with the matching ornaments. Mine is filled with memories. Almost all the ornaments on my tree come from a lifetime full of Christmas memories. Ornaments I have made throughout the years, ornaments my mother has given me, ornaments from special times and people in my life. My Mom has given me an ornament every single year since I was born. I won't tell you how many that makes. Many of these ornaments represent special interests through the years. For quite a few years, she gave me a dated Snoopy glass ball ornament, so I have a big collection of those. So, my tree may not be the most striking tree on the block, but it sure is beautiful to me!

I have continued this yearly ornament tradition with my son, and so has my Mom, so he has quite a collection of special ornaments already.

My Christmas tree and stocking are gifts from my friend, Jamie!

The Site Fights Growing XMas Trees Happy Holidays

Another special activity my son and I have done most of his life is make Christmas Crackers. This is a tradition we picked up when we lived in England, where he was born. Crackers are paper tubes filled with a little trinket, maybe a sweet, and a tissue paper party hat. Then they are wrapped up in pretty Christmas paper, and tied shut on the ends. At Christmas dinner, they are laid beside your plate. You grab one end, a friend or relative the other, and pull, breaking it apart. The ones you buy in the store come with a special snapper - a long, thin cardboard, with some teensy explosive in the middle. When pulled apart, it makes a loud snapping sound. You can actually purchase the snappers for the middle, so we have bought some to make some real crackers!

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love the beauty of the snow, when it is falling, it makes the whole world seem so serene and magical. One of my favorite things is to be out walking in the middle of a snow flurry. I love a white Christmas, and seeing the land covered in a smooth blanket of snow. I dread doing the snow shovelling that comes with it, and the streets that look so horrible and brown when the snow starts to melt. The dreary, downside of the wonderland. One thing I have always been really fascinated with, but have never tried, is snow sculpting. You'll find some of the best links I could find to snow sculpture photos on my links page.

Christmas Links

My pretty Christmas flowers! The one on the left (my favorite color - do you think she knew?) was sent to me by my dear friend Jamie, and the one on the right was so cute I couldn't resist having another. :)

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

Oh, Jamie and her daughter Zoe have sent me two Christmas gifts.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Site Fights MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Site Fights

My friend Jamie and her daughter Zoe have sent me two Christmas trees and a flower that are due to bloom right on Christmas Day! The tree on the left is from Zoe!

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

The Site Fights Growing XMas Trees The Site Fights Growing XMas Trees

Happy Holidays

Zoe and Jamie sent me a Holiday Unicorn - he's so cute!

My friend Jamie adopted a Reindeer for me!
my adopted Reindeer

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