If you've been through my website, you know how much I love my dear pets. I long to have more, but there just isn't room in my home, nor enough hours in the day, though my animated heart still has tons of room.

So, I have created this page, and I intend to fill it with all the cyberpets that my little animated heart desires!

Unfortunately, most of the links were no longer active, so I removed them. There are only a couple of the original places I adopted my "pets" from that are still active.

Here is my adopted cloud My adopted Eaglet is named Beakley
a bluebird and rainbow among the clouds Adopted Eaglet

This little fledgling has been named Scooter. Isn't my egg adorable?
eagle fledgling Adopted Eaglet

TikTok likes to keep time!

Meet Ernie Bird! Here's Swoop!
Blue and purple owl swooping in for a landing

adoption certificate from Night Owl Graphics

This is Sunshine,
my CyberCanary.

Here's my Virtual Macaw, Picasso! And this is my adopted mascot, Aeron!
a brightly colored, long tailed parrot image of a cute green parrot

Violet is this cutie. Skyler is one of my favorite names!
cute purple and red bird on a branch cute green and red bird on a branch

Flit is a great name for this one! Here's Peep-Squeak!
animated hummingbird yellow marshmallow Peep

Lila C. is my favorite color! Piper is sure cute, isn't she?
purple bird on a t stand Cute little red bird

Meet Tara Tamagotchi! She was adopted by Skye on August 20, 1997.

Navy is a pretty, dark grey cockatiel Nick is this guy's name...
short for Nickelodeon because he loves to sing!
grey cockatiel in a cage bright blue bird in flight

This Cockatoo's name is Snickers!
picture of a sulfur crested cockatoo

Meet my parakeet, Cerise!
red headed parakeet sitting on a tree branch

Isn't he precious? His name is Thorny, but he's really sweet!
animated hedgehog baby
Don't take my hedgehog

Iris and Fantasy are adorable, aren't they?
animated purple unicorn unicorn birth certificate

unicorn birth certificate animated purple unicorn

The Toucan's name is Tootsie

Diamond shaped back button to Skye's for Birds!

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