Welcome to our Gift Page

This is where we will display all the lovely gifts that our friends have sent to us! (sigh, at least we will display those that we haven't accidentally let expire! I'd have a lot more if I wasn't so busy with my job and forgetful of my webpages.)

I think I might have to rename this page My Gift Page from Jamie! :) She's such a dear and thoughtful friend to think of me so often. She never misses sharing the cute things she finds on the internet with me. Thank you, Jamie, for being my friend!

Jamie sent me this cute birdy cookie!
A special cookie to Lori from Jamie
cookie baker logo

Flower basket
This basket was sent to me this fall from Jamie, but I never managed to get it up til it was all bloomed! I did view it a couple times while it was growing, though. :)

Happy Easter

This Angel Dustbunnee was adopted on April 2nd by me, thanks to Jamie, in honor of my darling Tibetan Terrier, Rachel, who is now an angel. Visit her website and you can see for yourself that she looked like a little Dustbunny!

Angel Dust Bunny

Dust Bunnee Logo

My patriotic flowers from Jamie and Zoe!

Send a Spirit Flower!
The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

My adopted Bluebird of happiness from Jamie
cute little bluebird perched on a birdhouse
bluebird adoption certificate

Secret Easter Egg Message from Jamie!

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day from The Site Fights

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

Another wonderful gift from Jamie!
Jamie has dedicated this
"Love Pot"to me!
Jamie has dedicated this
"Love Pot"to me!
Send someone a Love Pot Send someone a Love Pot

purple dreamcatcher
I adopted my Dream Catcher from Geoff's Graphics

Jamie has dedicated this
"Love pot"
to Lori

©Dorthé Bergh
I missed the full bloom of this one, and didn't get it saved til it had started to wilt. :(

Zoe has dedicated this
"Love pot"
to me!

This is my 1999 Thanksgiving spirit flower from my friend Jamie! My first Spirit Flower, sent to me by my friend Jamie, summer 1999.
The Site Fights Spirit Flowers my spirit flower!

friendship bears for Jamie and Lori
friendship bear certificate

I adopted a suncatcher!
purple stained glass window
Nickitta logo

This is for Zoe's Birthday Hunt!
runner up in Zoe's Birthday Hunt

The following is an internet postcard that my dear friend Jamie sent to me:

Hi! Wanted to send this to you to put on one of your pages as a thank you for always helping me! Thanks for everything, my friend! Take care, Jamie
animated snow globe with a blue bird in it


Deep inside the crystal forest
Where many fear to go
Is a place of peace and harmony
Where the springs of eternity flow.

This is where the faeries live
And pass away the hours
Dancing thru the trees,
Playing in the flowers.

Faeries flitting on gossamer wings
Is a common sight
Their wings of rainbow colors
Unfold, quietly taking flight.

Come and take the journey
To find your child within
Open up your heart and mind
And watch the magic begin.

Poem copyright © by
Corky Ferguson 1999

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