Sun-Ha Lim

General Sun-Ha Lim

Sun-Ha Lim
Major General, ROKA
19 November 1945 - October 1959
U.S. Constabulary 11/13/1945 - 1/15/1949
and ROK Army 8/5/1948 - present

1945: First Korean to be solicited by the U.S. Army Military Government in Korea; and as a 2nd Lt., served as Adjutant in the Headquarters of the Chief of Constabulary.

1948: One of 6 officers to be the first Koreans taking an 11-month regular army officer's advanced course at The Infantry Officer's Training School at Ft. Benning, GA.

1950: Briefed General Douglas MacArthur 4 days after the Russian Armed Forces invaded from the North.

1952: Organized and Administered the Korean Army Training Center for which he received the Legion of Merit Officer's Degree.

1953: Commanded the 3rd ROK Division in the final battle of the Korean War which restored the 38th parallel that had been infiltrated by the North. For this action, General Maxwell Taylor recommended him for the Legion of Merit Command Degree, a neck order which is the highest miltary honor given to foreigners.

Became the first Korean representative to serve on the U.N. Armistice Commission in Panmunjom.

Sun-Ha Lim with his medals

Legion of Merit Award

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 20, 1942, has awarded the Legion of Merit (Degree of Commander) to


Major General Lim Sun-Ha, Republic of Korea Army, distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service as Commanding General, 3rd Republic of Korea Army Division, in Korea, from 11 October 1952 to 18 February, 1954. Displaying outstanding technical skill, General Lim utilized the full capabilites of his command to develop an aggressive, well-disciplined fighting force which acquitted itself with distinction during intense combat operations. His sound judgment, keen analysis of the enemy situation and continued presence in forward areas to personally direct and supervise tactical engagements with the foe were important factors in overcoming innumerable obstacles incident to adversities of the front line maneuvers and enabled his unit to successfully counterattack and regain vital outpost positions on "Hill 689" from numerically superiour hostile forces. Through demonstrated zeal and enthusiasm in the performance of assigned missions and constant concern for the welfare of his men, he appreciably raised the morale and esprit de corps of the troops and instilled in them loyalty, confidence, and steadfast devotion to the cause they served. Upon cessation of hostilities, he planned and implemented comprehensive training programs to assure the continued combat preparedness of his command, supervised the construction of fortifications and defensive positions and promoted maintenance of constant vigilance to readily cope with all contingencies. General Lim's inspiring leadership, exemplary achievements and devotion to duty contributed significantly to the United Nations' progression towards world peace, reflecting great credit upon himself and the Republic of Korea Army.

(signed) Dwight Eisenhower

Sun-Ha Lim recent photo

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