Honoring American Veterans

One of my passions has always been the wonderful men and women who have served our country, especially the veterans of the past.

I decided to create this area of my website, to honor these courageous American Veterans.

If you would like to be honored on my website, please send the following information to me:

  • Full name
  • Rank
  • Dates of service (ex. July 1942 - April 1948)
  • Branch of service you served in
  • Photo of yourself in uniform (group photos are ok, too)
  • Photo of yourself in recent years
  • Any story or anecdotes you would like to share (not required!)

You may send as much or as little information as you like. I'd love to put your photo on the website, but if you prefer not to, then I will just put in whatever text you like. I'm not putting any other identifying information on the site. Just your name. No address or state.

There is absolutely no cost to you, except if you mail me your photos by the US Postal Service - and then you are only paying postage. If you can email then, then it is totally free. This website is my gift to American Veterans.

Your story can be as long or short as you'd like. If necessary, I'll give you a whole page of your own. Whatever you would like to share about your military service. This is YOUR chance to tell your story.

You can send it by email or by snail-mail. If by email, please write in the subject line "AMERICAN VETERANS".

If you don't have photos in digital format, you can send them to me by snail mail. Please put cardboard in the envelope, so they do not get bent. Also be sure to mark the envelope with DO NOT BEND in large letters, front and back. I will return all photos as soon as I have scanned them. If you can afford to send a return envelope with postage on it, that would be appreciated. If you can't, I'll still return them. Please email me for my address. For obvious reasons, I won't put it on the website!

I would like to dedicate this part of my website to my father, Jack G. Munhall.

You will always be my hero!

Jack Munhall, US Navy
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Jack Munhall
US Navy
1944-1946; 1950-1952
Aviation Ordnance Man
Jack Munhall, 2007

Al Moore

Al Moore
US Navy
1944, 1945
1/C Motor Machinest Mate
On March 9, 1945 a tug towing our barge, two fuel barges and a dry-dock strung out single file a couple hundred feet apart headed south for Zamboanga. Barge Crews were all aboard the Tug. Halfway down the coast of Mindanao tow lines parted between the two gasoline barges and the Dry-Dock. This happened three times and on each occasion as the Tug circled around the loose Barges, with the Crane Barge and the Dry Dock still hooked on, looking for A way to get a new line to the loose Barges. Rough Seas made it not safe to launch a boat. Al Moore & Eddie Miller swam in after them, to secure temporary tow lines, until another Tug could be sent out to safely hook on to the loose Barges. The "Navy Marine Corps Medal" Was presented to them for their dip in the deep.
Al Moore, 2000

Bruce Modjeska, USAF
Senior Airman
Bruce Modjeska
US Air Force
October 1975 to July 1979
Served in Ramstein, Germany
and Incirlik, Turkey
Awarded Airman of the Month
Security Specialist
Bruce Modjeska, 2007


Dickinson, John: John Dickinson

Kral, Don: Don Kral

Lim, Sun-Ha: Sun-Ha Lim

Mohr, Dale: Dale Mohr

Pavlik, Dennis: Dennis Pavlik

Renz, Loren: Loren Renz

Winheim, Charles: Charles Winheim

My Nephews: Nate & Brandon

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