Rachel's Last Photos

These photos were all taken on the last day we spent with Rachel.

white furry dog licking her chops
Here is Rachel enjoying one of her beloved dog biscuits. More and more over the last few months, she had biscuits given to her. She acted like she couldn't eat her dog food, but she could sure crunch the biscuits! I think she had me going, but I figure as skinny as she was, and how she couldn't enjoy some of the other things she used to, that she deserved them. So, she got handfuls of them throughout each day. I bought more pounds of biscuits than I did of dog food!

face of a white dog
As you can see from this photo, Rachel didn't know where to look when we called to her to get her attention. She would look near you, but rarely right at you. It was so sad not to see that precious face look at us with joy. The picture below is similar.

close up of Rachel

Rachel snuggling in my lap
On her last day, as she generally did these last months, she wanted to sleep. I couldn't bear to waste any of this day, so I pulled her into my lap and just sat with her. My son snapped this photo. She looks so precious!

white dog sleeping with a biscuit in her mouth
Here she is sleeping with a treat in her mouth. She got so full from all the treats we were giving her that she couldn't eat it, but didn't want to give it up, either!

Rachel enjoying the nice day
Here she is enjoying some of the nice weather.

This video clip is of Rachel doing a little of the pacing that she did so much of during this 6 months.

This one is of her doing the same thing outside, with my son trying to take a photo of her at the same time.

I had Rachel for nearly two years before my son was born. During that time, she was my baby! She went everywhere with me - on day trips, to visit friends, for walks, etc. She slept on my bed right between my ankles, until my pregnancy made that uncomfortable for me, then she was unfortunately relegated to her own bed.

When we brought Alexander home from the hospital, I was worried that Rachel would be jealous. We wanted to introduce them gently. My husband shut her in the kitchen, and then I came in with the baby, and he sat down with him on the couch. I then went to greet Rachel first, but she was having none of me. I had deserted her for 5 days (while in the hospital) so this was her usual thing - to ignore me for a day or so. Well, she ran straight over to my husband, and jumped up to inspect the baby. He was immediately accepted as part of her family. I needn't have worried!

During his infancy, Rachel was never far from him. If he was on a blanket on the floor, you could NOT get her to move her foot from the blanket. She didn't lie on the blanket, but she had to touch it with either one paw or her nose. :) If he was in his bassinet, Rachel would every so often rise up on her back legs and peek in at him. She knew not to lean on the bassinet without ever being told.

More photos of Rachel to come soon, I hope!

Meanwhile, more stories as I remember the happy days.

Rachel has always been so good with our birds. We have 6 birds of varying sizes, and Rachel has never given me a moment's worry that she might hurt one of them. Mohawk, my first cockatiel has learned Rachel's special whistle. While Rachel never responded to it, Mohawk knows the whistle was to call her. Mohawk really likes Rachel. When put on the floor, he would follow Rachel around. She'd try to lay down somewhere, and he'd walk up to her nose and start telling her what a PRETTY bird he is. Over and over, and whistling tunes to her. Rachel would get up and walk away, and Mohawk would follow!

Also, sometimes, Mohawk would fly over and land on Rachel, and have a ride around the house on her back. Rachel knew he was there, but other than a quick look, didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to this little grey bird riding his favorite taxi.

Rachel always liked to be with me, no matter where I was. So, when I soaked in the tub, there was Rachel lying beside the tub. After I got birds, they often would come in with me, too, and sit on a perch by the mirror, and sing to themselves. Sometimes they would fly off their perch, and wander around on the floor. Rachel never paid them any attention, other than to open an eye, even when they walked over to her, and climbed up on her to better reach me in the tub!

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