A big Thank You to everyone who has graced my site with their beautiful awards!

This first award is a very special one that I received from my friend Jamie, who has been my penpal for more than 20 years!

You are the first winner of the highly coveted Golden Angel Award, because you are an angel to help me all the time & our friendship is as good as gold to me!!!! Thank you! ~J~
Angel in my Life Gold Award from Jamie

Pat's Diamond Award

This Site Shines Award To Skye From Diana

Awesome Site Award from The Johnson's

Team Creations Site with a lot of heart award

Devona's Homepage Excellence Award

Berry Patch Award of Excellence

This site has been
awarded the
Award for Excellence
by Harraden's Habitat(t)

Halloween Hunt Prize

Other awards my website has won:

Seven pages of awards for my parrot pages!
Another eight pages of awards for Rachel's pages.

There are also some very special awards on some other pages scattered throughout my site!

I have removed all links to sites that are no longer on the web. If a link is clickable, then the site is still active.

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