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Thank you to all who help me to honor Rachel's memory with these heartfelt awards!

Also, thank you to all of you wonderful people who have written to me expressing your love, caring and sorrow since Rachel was put to sleep. It has meant so much to me. Some dear friends, some new friends, some people whom I do not know, but care enough to write to me. Thank you each and every one of you!

Greeting card with white dog and violet in her mouth
This is a card that I found a few days after I had put Rachel down. I don't normally look at greeting cards in the stores, as I always make my own. But, something drew me to browse through them at the craft store I was visiting that day. And I found this card! It looks a lot like Rachel, and the purple flower in the dog's mouth looks a lot like the ones on the wallpaper border in my bedroom. So, I bought a frame, and the picture is now hanging in my room.

blue ceramic burial box
Here is Rachel's box. Right on the dresser next to my bed. This is the dresser that her bed still lies in front of. I have asked that when I go, Rachel's box be buried with me. I bought her box from At Peace Pet Urns. The box is a sort of dark blue, but looks royal blue when the light hits it.

engraved tag
A close up of the inscription on the box. It reads: Rachel, 1985 - 2000. My Pawfect Girl.

Pewter Tibetan Terrier Charm
A close up of the box top. This is a pewter Tibetan Terrier Charm.

Tibetan Terrier charms
These two little darling figurines are from Jennifer Dilday's Little Dogs. Jennifer came to Rachel's site to look at photos of her, and painted them to look just like her. I have both of them sitting on my desk right now, but at Christmas time, one of them will be hanging on the tree. It is the one on the right, with the little halo and wings, and a gold hanging cord.

Loving Memories of Rachel, Forever in Our Hearts, Love Brandy

In Loving Memory of Rachel, awarded by DarLynn

May they live forever in our Memory, In fond remembrance of Rachel, 1985-2000 from Reinmiller Kennels

One of my memories of Rachel is when she was being a bit of a stinker. She generally was allowed outside as much as she wanted, but most of the time, that wasn't for long. She liked to be where I was. Occasionally, she would want to be out a little longer than she was allowed to be. Such as late at night if we were ready to head for bed, or if she started barking, and kept it up too long. On those times, I would call her, and if she didn't want to obey, she would trot to the farthest corner of the yard, and sit down, and just look at me. She knew, if I was in my pj's, I wasn't about to go running across the yard after her! She even did this in the rain sometimes. Yeah, she knew when she could be boss.

Shannon's Golden Hearted Memories Award As God takes you in his arms, your eternal spirit shines, and our paths will cross again some day, littlest angel of mine.  A gift from Portrait of an Angel

Another great memory of Rachel is how dedicated she was to being right beside me. We have a large wooden swing and play set in the back yard. One part of it is a platform, with slanted slats to climb up to it. Another part is called an Eagles' Nest. It has a ladder with dowel rungs to climb straight up. I often would sit on top of one of those platforms and watch kids at play, and Rachel HAD to be up there with me. She could quite easily climb the slanted ladder and get up to me. The other one, try though she did, she couldn't quite get up. So, I would come to the rescue and hoist her up to sit with me.

From One Bridge Kid to Another, hugs n kisses, Bo - Our Spirit Lives On Samantha's Angel Dog Love Award

Toot's and Muffet's Loving Memory Award In Fondest Memories of Loved Ones Lost - You're Loved and missed

Lassie Memory Award Memorial Site Award, In Memory of Lord Tumbleweed

I adopted this Dog Totem in honor of my precious Rachel, on June 23rd, 2000.
Guardian Totem, by Lady in Black's Animal Spirits

In honor of Echo, always and forever, the wind beneath my wings For our special friends at Rainbow Bridge - Forever in Our Hearts

A lovely lady named Kiwigal found this adorable puppy for me to adopt in memory of Rachel.
My adopted Angel Pet
Angel Pet Adoption Certificate

Rainbows Bridge Bubba's Award for Excellence

These next two beautiful pictures were made by a lovely lady named Kim. Thank you so much!

Rachel as an Angel

Rachel Angel on a cloud

Pretty little Constance was adopted in August of 2000 in memory of Rachel.

Photo of a pretty white dog

Save a Life - Opt To Adopt

Rachel's Memorial continues to grow as I add a second page!

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