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cutest little cockatiel picture ever!
Top: I'm CUTE and I KNOW it!

Bottom: Doing his "Baby Eagle" impression.

photograph of a cockatiel with wings outspread like an eagle

Mohawk has a few nicknames. They include Mobird, Mo-Mo or MoBaby, and when he is being really sweet, he is my Sweety Tweety. He's also called Chirp the Twirp. A very descriptive one is Air Shark. You can probably guess why he has that one!

Oh, my Mohawk. My first bird, my spoiled baby. The little alarm clock that wakes me bright and early every weekend morning if I don't remember to cover him the night before. Is it coincidence, or is it a plan of his that those early morning whistle sessions are nearly always when he uses a new word or tune? I think it's planned. It does what he wants - it gets Mom out of bed to go running to see if she really did hear that new tune. Little stinker!

animated cockatiel hopping back and forth
Thanks to Mamabird for the adorable Tiel!

Mohawk loves to make kissy noises to me, too. Recently he flew off his cage (opened under my supervision) and landed on the back of my Tibetan Terrier, Rachel. Rachel paid no attention whatsoever to this bird on her back. Rachel continued walking around the room, stopping now and then to sniff for dropped pellets. Mohawk sat like a little prince on her back, every now and then telling Rachel what a pretty bird he is. I have video of Mohawk chasing Rachel around the room. He would go up to her, get right in her face and tell her he is a pretty bird, and Rachel would get up and move somewhere else to lie down, and pretty soon, here would come that little grey bird in her face again, twittering about pretty birds. Eventually, she'd just get tired of moving, and lay there and ignore Mohawk, who would then start to whistle and sing to her.

Please note that my dog is my shadow, and never not by my side, so she is always supervised while around the birds. However, a more sweet, laid back, loving animal cannot be found. You should always closely monitor mixed types of animals together.

Here is my little Tweet on a Twig!

click sound button to hear the Twilight Zone theme This isn't Mohawk on this wav file, but it is one of his favorite tunes to whistle!

Unlike Spice, whose crest is almost always up and at attention, Mohawk's is almost always down. His crest only goes up when necessary.

See my baby pictures!

NEW! See a short video of my baby!
Well, Mo's the star whistler and talker of the family, as you can see by these videos:
Dr. Seuss' Oh, the places you'll go
Pretty Bird

Every day is Valentine's Day with my Valentiels!

I love Cockatiels button

Valentiel and I Love Tiels images courtesy of Rita Garris.

Here's a funny picture of me after a shower in puzzle form!
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The most recent photo I have of my little Air Shark:

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