Hi, I'm Skye!

Thanks for coming to visit me here. This is my second website, and I'm still working on what all I want to put on it. I think this page will cover some of the things that I really enjoy, and show a little more about me. Not that my other website isn't me, but it is more or less just about myself and my family. I think this one will be a mixture of the fun and serious things that mean a lot to me! So, while I am busy creating this site, check out what I have done so far!

Happy Face ButtonRelax and read some Computer Jokes.
Eleven pages of computer fun, including some wacky sound files, cartoons and a fantastic song about being trapped on the internet!

Read all about my Skydiving years!
It's not yet complete, but I have 10 pages of photographs, links and information!

A Salute to the brave men and women who have made my country what it is today!
The American Flag - Old

Don't miss my Passion for Purple Page!

Take an English castle tour! These are some of the places I visited while I lived in England. Three pages of photos now, more to come!

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Instead of a guestbook, I have opted to go with a simple form that sends your input directly to my email. This way I can respond to you quicker, as I often forget to check my guestbook.

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