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Welcome to the Prayer page for our furry pets. I hope you'll pawse a moment in your busy day to say a prayer for the beloved pets who need some extra help right now.

Our 10-month old puppy, Christie, is not able to walk. She was just healed from 2 1/2-month battle of pneumonia. Last Friday she started limping in her left back leg, then could not lift up her back legs and now cannot walk. We suspected it might be the effect of antibiotics to cure the pneumonia. However, since she is also a mixed lab/shepherd it is possible she has hip dysplasia. We will take to the vet on Friday. I started giving her glucosamine/chondroitin on Tuesday but my husband was pessimistis about her and wanted to put her to sleep. We already spent so much money to cure her pneumonia and we would not be able to pay for any surgery on her leg. He is also pessimistic that any animal lover will want to adopt her - if we take her to an animal humane society/shelter- although she is a spayed, territorial, and sweet puppy.

Tessa & Ron

Christy, who is paralysed, was taken to the vet last Friday. It turns out she has distemper! The Vet gave laser acupuncture (repeat once a week) with Detoxosode for virus and Colostrum for boosting immune system. We are so sad; we heard distemper is fatal.

11/16/07 Our puppy Christy (10 month old black Lab/Shepherd mix) was getting worse day by day and did not have an adequate quality of life anymore. Her front legs were stiffened, her whole body tweaked, she slammed her head to the floor all times, and her pupils dilated. The virus had penetrated to her brain too long and too deep. Last weekend we brought her to the holistic vet and we had to say goodbye to her. Both my husband and I cried for days as we love animals. We are grieving right now, it is traumatic. Thankyou for praying for her and us.
Ron and Tessa Braden

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