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red headed baby parrot stretching a wing

Pelirojo is a year old now. What a joyful year it has been, watching him grow! He still enjoys an occasional bedtime handfeeding of a babyfood vegetable or fruit, but has been totally weaned for a long time now. He eats just about anything and everything. I always know that he'll bury his head in his food dish when it is placed in his cage.

He is definitely going to stay larger than Simon. All his life with us, he's outweighed him by about 45 grams. They co-exist relatively peacefully. One or the other occasionally flies over to the other's cage. A little bit of snarling may ensue if one gets too close to the other, but I have seen them happily play on the same playtop for an hour or more without bothering each other. Surprisingly, Simon even flies over to Peli's playtop. Since he's the main reason they don't have a close relationship, that amazes me.

Peli is a very good boy. He's almost always stayed on his playtop/cage area when left alone in the room. His boing that hangs above his cage is way taller than I am. I can barely reach the top of it, where he sits, when I stretch on tiptoe. However, he's never given me a problem with height dominance. When I stretch my fingers towards him and tell him to step up, he moves down and around the boing just enough that he can step onto my hand without me being on tiptoes. What a honey!

He also talks a bit now. He says hello, and whistles a lot of Simon's whistles, and says up. He also does this little growly voiced speech pattern to me often. It is very different from the thing Simon does. I am thinking it is Peli's way of talking to me, and maybe a preliminary to his talking more. He also enjoys talking with me. One or the other of us starts the charge whistle, and the other either chimes in or finishes it. He likes it best when we're both doing it at the same time.

Peli is learning to "play dead" like Simon does. He flies to me on command (most of the time, at least), and is mostly potty trained. He loves to talk on the phone when I am, and also enjoys drinking out of my cup. It is so funny to see the tip of his beak and then his tongue stretch out to barely touch the liquid, then taste it for a moment, then dip back in a bit later. Just recently he took a small piece of crushed ice to chew. He rolled it around and chewed a bit off, then set the rest down on my shirt. Picked it up again and crunched down then teensy bits of ice went everywhere. One went right down inside my robe. I think he thought that was funny.

His newest thing is to give a tuneful few notes when I tell him to "sing". He's so funny. He is very full of life and happiness. I have so much fun playing with him. He has learned to enjoy lying on his back on my chest, playing with my hands or a toy. He's been known to roll on his back at times when he thinks (rightly) I am going to make him step up to take him back to his cage. What a stinkpot. :)

My baby is growing up, but he'll always be my baby. I'm so glad that I have Pelirojo in my life!

NEW! A video of Peli!
And another one of him playing ball!
Oh, it's birdy love.
Peli says hi

sound button to hear a funny bird voice saying flying hurts This isn't Peli on this wav file, but it sounded to me like something my little goofball might say!

Where does the time go? Peli is now two years old! He is my bold, brash, outgoing bird. Always poking his inquisitive little beak into everything. What a joy he is!

Peli says Hi Peli, Up, and more recently he's learned to say Tickle! I tickle him on his tummy and say "tickle tickle" and today (June 6th), he said it, too! He loves to throw toys around. We put him on the table, or sometimes play on his playpen above his cage. We pile little toys around him, parrot hand toys, baby rattles, etc, and Peli goes racing to them, grabs them in his beak and runs to the edge to throw them overboard. He laughs hysterically afterwards. Simon loves the same game, so we know where he got it from. Simon doesn't laugh when playing it, though!

In January of this year, Peli and Simon became somewhat bonded to each other. They are still very much loving to the human flock, but they now spend a lot of time together. They share food dishes, and preen each other. It is so sweet to see them preening the other. Soon I hope to get my videos and pictures more organized, as I have tons more to put up! Lots of new pictures and video of my birds!

red headed baby parrot with a green body

March 5th, 2000:
It's Pelirojo's Happy HatchDay! Peli is three years old today!
We've been celebrating off and on all day with special treats and a long shower, and lots of fun!

This is a card that our good friends Jean and Art sent to Peli in email this morning.

Here are some new photos of Peli, taken on his birthday today!
His wings are so beautiful!
multicolored feathers on a parrot's wing

These two are just cute photos of my adorable boy!
photo of a green bird on a rope perch
photo of a green bird looking like he is laughing

How the years do fly by! Pelirojo is now 4 years old! What a bold and brash little fellow he is. I know it is Spring now, because Peli comes over to me every day to do the "wild thing" on me. He looks so funny. He likes to have one foot on one of my fingers, and one on my chest. He puffs up all his feathers so that he looks gigantic and fluffy. Then he rocks back and forth from foot to foot, trying to regurgitate on me. He has never actually deposited anything on me, but I imagine some day he will! If I remember correctly, Peli started doing this last year, when he was just 3. In retrospect, I wonder why Simon, who is quite a few years older, shows very few signs of sexuality in comparison. Maybe his hormones aren't as strong? He has done something similar to Peli with me, but not so overt at Pel.

One of the cute things that Peli does, is a little bedtime ritual. When I go to put him in his cage at night, I always bring him up to my chest, where he lays his head, and makes this funny little growly noise while I pet his head. He doesn't do it any other time.

If Peli doesn't want to go into his cage, he turns into a little green octopus. You'd think he had 8 legs instead of just two and a beak, the way he can manage to grab onto the sides of the cage, and keep from being placed inside. He's so funny. Then, if you manage to back him into his cage, which avoids the octo routine, then he won't let go of your finger. He puts one foot on the perch, but keeps the other on your finger, and keeps leaning forward, as if to get another chance to come back out. What a sweetie he can be!

I hope to soon have new photos and videos uploaded. I recently spent many hours sorting through and organizing my digital images. For a start, though, here is a pic of Peli made into a puzzle just for you!

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Peli is 10 years old this year! Hard to believe! Here are a couple photos of him from this past year.

Here is Peli in the playcage out on the deck. This is where the boys spend nice days. It has an arbor over the top of it, so it's partly shady, partly sunny!

This is Cleo, a BFA who lives with my friends, Barb and Meg. They also are owned by Bahloo the Cockatoo. Isn't Cleo beautiful?

Flared tail of a Blue Front Amazon

This new photo was taken last spring (1999) just before we started freeflying her. She has always loved these type of swings, especially this model with the cholla perch for a better grip. If you look closely you can see her one foot is up gripping the rope. She does this if we say "Hold on Tight!" before swinging her. Too cute. Her green looks a bit washed out and yellowish in this picture, but we love it for her expression!
photo of a blue front amazon enjoying her swing

WOW! Peli got his first award!

Rudy's Amazon Page Award Rudy's Awesome Amazon Award

Peli has an award of his own to give out!
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Peli's Playful Parrot Page Prize

Green-Cheeked Amazons, Amazona Viridigenalis, are also known as Mexican Red-Headed Amazons. They are native to Northeastern Mexico. Green Cheeks are among the smaller amazons.
Green cheeks are so named because of the bright, grassy green cheeks, in comparison to the darker green feathers of the body. Their foreheads are a bright red, with a blue band beginning over the eye and extending down towards their nape.
Once thought to be more suited to aviary birds, rather than pets, now are considered excellent pets.
The contraction of the pupils in the Red-heads is extreme, to pin head size, and the orange colored iris stands out. They also erect their nape feathers like a fan when excited.

Meaning of the name Peli

The name of Peli brings some very practical qualities into your nature. By creating strength and determination, this name gives you the ability to make your own decisions and to stand by them with firm conviction. Others might term this stubbornness, but it is not your intention to appear stubborn; it is only that you are self-confident and sure of your opinions and you do not brook interference. Your mind is active, intense and analytical, and your versatility enables you to accomplish whatever you set out to do. You enjoy the association of people who take an active interest in current events. You are quick-witted, but at the same time you are serious-minded and stable.

I found this from Kabalarian Philosophy Page. I thought so much of it really described Pelirojo, so I went on to check my other birds' names and decided to add the descriptions to their pages.

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