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Golden Crest Award Proud Parrot Partner Ribbon

Saba Says Award Passion for Parrots Award

Hippy's Golden Egg Award The Nestbox eggs-straordinary site award

Animal Hut Award Heavenly Feathers Award
Jdor's Pic Award

Award of Website Excellence from Pet Lighthouse to Skye's For Birds

Reflections of Love presented by Mariah's Misfits

Jaco's Page Excellence Award

Pet Bird Website Golden Site Award

Arttu Award

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Thank you very much to the people who gave these wonderful awards to my page!
To find out how you can apply for these awards, just click on them!

Some awards may not have a link - and that is because at some point after I received the award, the link no longer worked, and I have no way to find out where the site moved to. If anyone has any information on these sites that gave me these awards, please let me know!

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