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Life is Merrier with a Tibetan Terrier

By clicking on the adorable banner above, you can visit another wonderful Tibetan Terrier site, and the lady who created it!

spoiled white dog snoozing on the couch

I'm not spoiled! :) This picture is from about 1994.

white dog playing tugowar with a small brown terrier

Here I am playing with one of my doggie friends back in England around 1996.

black and white cat hugging white dog

This is Razz, who belonged to a friend of ours in England. Razz and I used to play together when Mom babysat Razz.

teensy yellow chick snuggling in white dogs fur

Here I am being a Mom again. This was our little chick, Pipsqueak, who grew up to be Chanticleer the rooster. One of his first days here, he found a great place to snuggle. If you look really carefully, you can see a couple spots of yellow fuzz sticking out of my fur behind my front leg. I really enjoyed having that little chick cuddling with me!

white chicken flying at dog

Pipsqueak flying to "mom".

black and white dog chasing white dog whose ears are sticking up like a rabbits!

This was a sweet little stray dog who wandered into our front yard one day. Mom let him in the back yard for his safety while we waited for the humane society. I just couldn't STAND a possible playmate being out there without me, so Mom finally (carefully) introduced us. We had a wonderful time chasing each other around the yard. Mom thought this picture was hilarious as my ears make me look like a rabbit!

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