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Rachel's Pawfect Page!

All about my Tibetan Terrier, Rachel

Rachel was a stray on Lakenheath Base where we lived in England, near Christmas of 1985. A nice family found her, and kept her for a few weeks while they looked for her owners. They weren't found, so we became the lucky family with whom she came to live. That family had a little boy who was allowed to name her. Rachel was the only girl's name he knew. We decided that since we were her 3rd home in about as many weeks, that it wasn't fair to name her again. Besides, Rachel is a very pretty name for my beautiful girl! She was just a puppy at the time we got her; the vet estimated about 6 months. I no longer remember the name of this family - we had only a couple of brief meetings before Rachel came to live with us. If you read this, and recognize yourselves, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gave me a very precious gift in Rachel.

You might wonder about my insistance that she is a Tibetan Terrier, since I admit that she is a stray. We were trying to figure out what kind of dog she is. Some English friends of ours thought she looked like a Tibetan, so I bought a book about Tibetan Terriers, and you would think that it had been written about her. It describes her to a T, as well as some of the photographs in the book could have been taken of her. She shows all of the traits that TT's should have. She may not be a pure bred, but in my heart she is worth more than any expensive dog! To read more about Tibetans, go down to the bottom of the page!

I feel it was fate that brought her to live with us. I hadn't been in England long, and shortly before we found out about Rachel, I had seen a picture for sale at one of the marketplace stands. It is of a dog that looks exactly like Rachel, wearing a pair of glasses. I almost bought the picture the first time I saw it, because it was so cute. You can bet that I bought it right after she came to live with us! I hope to put a photo of this picture up soon!

This is how I feel about my darling girl!

small photo of RachelHere are some pictures of my Sweetheart. I have three photo pages, all narrated by Rachel. Might take awhile to load, (about 6 pictures to a page) but worth it!

Rachel is a very intelligent and loyal companion. She knows a few tricks, including roll over, play dead and to sit up. She has taught us a few, as well, like when to give her a biscuit! She doesn't let us forget to give it to her, either! She also leads me to her dishes if they become empty and I haven't noticed yet. When we lived in England, I had a tall, freestanding cupboard unit. I kept the tin of her treats on the top shelf. The little stinkpot would act like she needed to go outside, and when we would get to the back door (in the kitchen), we'd turn around to find her sitting in front of the cupboard, staring up at the top. Want out? Nope, want BISCUIT! She's so smart!

Watch a short video clip of Rachel!
Here's another one!

She has been my constant companion since she came to live with me. She is always in the same room that I am. If I manage to get to a room before she does, she comes over to nudge me as if to reproach me for leaving her. She mopes if I leave her for more than a few hours. I always have to make it up to her after a vacation!

Early 1999: The last few months have seen a lot of changes in my sweet darling. It's sad and scary to know that she is getting old. She's still quite active, but has slowed down some. She doesn't see very well any more, though gets around well except when she is being too exuberant. She also doesn't hear as well any more. We've learned a lot of things to help her out. When she is outside at night, and we want to call her in, we flip the outside light off and on a few times, and she comes running. My son figured that one out. She almost never barks any more. If we put her outside, we stay nearby so we know when she wants in. All she does now is jump at the door, and that's not a very loud sound. Once in awhile, if "forgotten" for a few minutes, she'll give a short bark. I think she doesn't bark as much as she used to because she can't hear herself any longer. She used to bark all the time when people would knock on the door and ring the doorbell. I know she's not entirely deaf, as she responds to the word biscuit, and it doesn't always have to be shouted.

Rachel gets restless at times. She'll go from one place to another, and lay down for a moment or two, then move around, over and over. She doesn't really seem to spend much more time sleeping, though. Maybe a little, but not too much. She still bounds around the house when excited, which is often! She's become very bossy about getting biscuits. She's always been one to tell me when she wants one, but now she's eating a jar of them in a couple of days. I can't help but give in to her. I'm watching her weight and diet as much as I can, but I want her to be happy, too!

Here is a picture of Rachel taken in March '99 by my son. I was out of the house, and Rachel disappeared, and here is where he found her! Her bed is right there next to the basket, as you can see. She's always liked sleeping or resting in enclosed little spaces! Isn't she precious?

Rachel went to the photography studio this summer, and here are some of the pictures that were taken. It was pretty hard to get a nearly blind and deaf dog to pose, so the photographer had quite a job, but she did well!

Early 2000: My sweet Rachel has changed so much this past year. In the latter part of 1999, I made the decision, with the help of my vet, to put her on a medication called Clomicalm. She was so hyper that she was constantly hurting herself, though she really didn't act like she was being hurt. I know she had to be, though. She would jump at me dozens of times a day, with such force that she would fall over backwards afterwards. She would do this on the staircase, even, and then go rolling down the stairs. I tried to be alert for when she was doing it, but it was not always easy. The reason she would leap at me was to get a treat, whether or not I had one! I've never been in the habit of carrying treats up and down the stairs! She was getting plenty of treats a day, but I can't even begin to count how many times she'd leap up and mouth our hands looking for another one. If we were holding any object, it would get mouthed. She was so restless, we could not relax around her. She would pace around the room unrelentingly until we'd about go crazy. She did this at night, too. The Clomicalm made a world of difference in her. The very first day after giving it to her, she was so calm that I didn't think it was the same dog!

She's not really on the clomicalm right now, however. The vet doesn't think it is what made her lose a lot of weight, but I was still worried. She's like skin and bones now. We've had $150 worth of tests run, and nothing is wrong with her. She is very healthy for a dog of her age! She eats plenty during the day, and potties plenty of times, so I know she is eating well enough. She ALWAYS has food available to her. As a matter of fact, she has dishes of food on both floors of the house, and jars of biscuits in four different rooms! After two months on the clomicalm, she is still much calmer than she was in early November. It is now mid-February, and she's been off it nearly a month. She has her days that she makes me wonder if I shouldn't put her back on it, but still she's better than she was.

March 25th, 2000:
Yesterday was one of the saddest days of my life. My precious, Pawfect Girl was put to sleep. It was such a difficult decision to make. It was nearly a year in the making, but even now, I ache that I had to make it. I miss her so. I know that if there really is a Rainbow Bridge, my darling girl is there. I hope so much to be reunited with her some day. My home feels so empty without her, and my heart aches. I miss petting her silky head, and her adorable face. I miss that happily wagging tail, and the way her fur was wavy after a bath.

About a year ago, Rachel started doing her business on our deck. It's a full storey off the ground, and I understood that she must be a little frightened of going down the stairs outside, though she used them inside all the time. Whenever possible, we took her down to the yard ourselves. Later in the year, I purchased a tie out chain, though it isn't really a chain, but a vinyl cord. I placed it in the front yard, where she did not have to go up and down stairs. However, by this time, she'd got to the point where she did not want to go on the grass at all. She would do her business on the driveway, or worse, in the garage. Throughout the winter, she acted odder and odder about her potty business. She never needed to go out during the night, no matter how many hours we slept. She was always in my room with me, with the door shut, and I am a light sleeper. She was rarely anxious to go out in the morning, even at the end. She never once made a mess in our bedroom.

This past month or so, Rachel got to the point where no matter how long she was outside, she might or might not do her business. She could be out a full three hours and not go, but make a mess inside within minutes of being brought in. But not always! Sometimes she would come in from outside, and walk around the house for an hour or more before she did anything. I didn't know what to do. She never went in our bedroom, during the day or night. Or the kitchen. But she went in almost every other room of the house. Even right beside her food and water dishes. She must have been very confused. I just don't know how to explain it. She also, the past few months, would run around while she was pottying. Drop a lump here, then run in a circle, and sometimes drop more lumps as she ran. Then she was running over the lumps, smashing them into the floor/deck etc. She required almost daily baths. I didn't know how to intervene with her business. Sometimes, as I mentioned before, she could be outside for an hour or more without pottying, or before she'd finally go. I could not drop everything and watch her. :( When left at home, sometimes even for only an hour or two, (she was always in the laundry room when we were gone), she would do her business, then leap in it over and over. What a mess that was. It would take an hour or more to fully clean the cement floor, as you can imagine.

She did not seem to be unhappy, or in any pain. She didn't always seem happy, of course. She had many times where she seemed confused. She didn't seem to want to be cuddled or petted as much. She always wanted her biscuits, so we gave her handfuls of them throughout the day. If she wanted them, she got them. If that was the way she wanted me to show her my love, then she got it! I very much missed snuggling with my darling. Occasionally she would allow it. She was definitely unhappy to be getting so many baths. She never liked baths, but tolerated them well most of her life. It turned into almost torture for her, and me as well. Here was my sweet smelling dog, that only needed occasional baths, and now needing them almost daily, and often smelling like she needed another one soon after the first, from walking through her puddles and other messes.

The last few days of her life, she became increasingly restless again, and I had to give her the clomicalm to settle her down so that any of us could sleep.

I decided that Rachel's last day would be a memorable one for her. I didn't want her to be stressed out by going to the vet, which upsets her. Her vet that she'd gone to for 8 years would not do a housecall. I was so disappointed. So, I called the vet that treats my parrots. The only reason he was not Rachel's vet, was because she had been going to her vet for 4 years already, and they were fantastic with her. I saw no reason to change! Even though Rachel did not know him, I knew him to be a very kind and caring man. His name is Dr. Dan Bowen, and if you are in the Omaha area, I highly recommend him for all your pets. His clinic is called Companion Animal Hospital.

We scheduled Dr. Bowen's visit for 3:00 in the afternoon. That day, my son and I spent taking turns, and sometimes both of us together giving her all the love we could possibly show her in such a short time. She got so many treats that she got to where she would take one in her mouth, and just hold it there for awhile, but not eat it. She was so precious! We took a lot of pictures, and I will put some of them up on her site tomorrow night. Some of them were from the regular camera, so they will have to be developed and scanned first. We took her outside, and walked her around the yard, and petted her, and loved on her. When she wanted to take a nap, I let her take one for awhile, but I cuddled her while she slept.

Dr. Bowen and technician were wonderful. They spent a few minutes petting her and talking to her and us. Then we discussed how best to do it. It didn't go really well. I opted to hold her, and I had her cuddled in my arms, and was talking to her when he gave her the shot. She jumped, and I guess the needle moved enough so that she didn't get it where it was supposed to go. So, she got a little agitated, as she does when she gets shots, and a couple of minutes later was trying to get out of my arms. :( I got a few extra minutes to tell her how much I loved her, but it was worse for her, because she had to get the shot again. The second time, the tech held her, and I had my hands on her, petting her and continuing to tell her what a wonderful girl she is.

This time it went in properly, and everything happened so quickly. As soon as the injection was through, I snatched her up into my arms and kept telling her I loved her. It was so hard. I held her for quite awhile after she was gone. Doctor Bowen and the tech went to visit the birdies before they left. Simon would have been very upset had they not. Simon had sat down here during the whole event, on one of the play cages. He seemed to understand something was going on, and stayed there, sitting quietly, where normally he would have been flying over to Dr. Bowen and loudly talking or whistling. As soon as it was all over, and my son and I were somewhat calm, Simon did fly over to Dr. Bowen and talk to him.

I laid Rachel down on her bed, which we'd brought downstairs to the playroom, while we waited for Tully's to arrive. Tully's is a local kennel that does cremations. I sat down there most of the time with her, and petted her beautiful silky head. It was almost as hard to have the Tully representative take her away as it was to have her receive the injection. :(

I ordered a beautiful ceramic box for Rachel. She will continue to sleep next to my bed every night, as she has done for 14 years. I think that is the way she would want it. I know it is the way I want it! The box is pictured on one of her memorial pages.

Rachel's Memorial awards and Rainbow Bridge Webrings have their own Special page. Updated on June 2nd with pictures of some memorials I have at home to remember her.

Please continue to visit Rachel's Pawfect Pages in the future. While my precious darling is no longer with me, her memory will live on in these pages. When I can do so, I will get more of her photographs scanned and placed on this page, as well as more stories of her life.

Here are some photos I took with the digital camera on her last day.

It is now 2007. Seven long years without my precious girl. There is not a day goes by that I do not think of her, and miss her dearly. Her bed still lies beside mine, and her ceramic box sits upon my dresser. Rachel, you will always be in my heart. I hope you are truly at the Rainbow Bridge, having a wonderful time. You are my Pawfect Girl!

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Gary's family lost their precious Benjamin at the age of 17, in 2002. He is now romping with Ginger and Rachel at the Rainbow Bridge.

Here is a photo of Benjamin, Jamie and Ginger. All precious little souls!

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The Dog Hause

blue paw bulletThe origin of the Tibetan Terrier is shrouded in mystery. Although the breed is said to have existed for over 2,00 years, record-keeping began in the 1930's. It is believed they came from the region which is called "The Lost Valley of Tibet". Heads of monasteries visiting the valley prior to the great earthquake, which took place over 600 years ago, and which destroyed the road leading to the valley, were given a Tibetan Terrier upon their departure to bring "peace and prosperity" to their respective monasteries. Eventually the name "peace-bringer" became "luck-bringer". Later they were awarded as gifts to those who performed a great service or earned the gratitude of a Tibetan Terrier owner.
blue paw bulletTibetan Terriers became so highly prized that the dogs were hidden from strangers and the owners denied all knowledge of their existence. After the early monastery dogs, they began to appear in Tibetan households, where they were equally cheished and treated as children - the name given to them was "little people". As they became more readly available, they soon joined the nomads and became a part of the caravans. Because it was believed that they brought good luck, and because they performed numerous duties, the dogs became very useful in the harsh existence of the nomadic tribes.
Don't litter - spay or neuter
blue paw bulletThe Tibetan Terrier evolved over many centuries, surviving in Tibet's extreme climate and difficult terrain. The breed developed a protective double coat, compact size, unique foot structure and great agility.
blue paw bulletThe feet of a Tibetan are what make him unique. They are large, flat and round, producing a snowshoe effect.
blue paw bulletThe Tibetan is a medium-sized dog, powerfully built, with a well-feathered tail that curls up and falls over his back. A fall of hair covers his eyes and foreface. His lower jaw has a small beard and his nose is black. The eyes are dark. His size ranges from 18-30 pounds.
You do not own a dog - a dog owns you
blue paw bulletThe Tibetan Terrier is highly intelligent, sensitive, loyal, devoted and affectionate. They may be cautious or reserved.
blue paw bulletA Tibetan SHINES as a family dog. He wants to be with you. Your home is HIS castle. Everything becomes his own - the house the yard, and especially the car. The car is his very own and he permits you to chauffeur him about. He loves to travel (his heritage?). He wants to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. He can be extemeley stubborn and will tax you to the limit at times. He is best handled with persuasion, not punishment. He is not a dog to sit in the backyard although he adapts to your schedule. He loves companionship, both animal and human. He is a born clown and a traffic stopper.
a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
blue paw bulletTo care for your Tibetan, weekly brushing is a must. When bathing a Tibetan, it may take some time, as their coat resists water.
blue paw bulletThey are a healthy dog with a lifespan of 14-16 years, but not exempt from some of the same afflictions that affect other breeds. Tibetans can be extremely sensitive to fleas, and susceptible to skin irritations cauase by fleas. The altitude in Tibet is 12,000 - 14,000 feet, where fleas cannot live, thus no immunity was formed.

Taken from the book Tibetan Terriers, by Anne Keleman.

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