This first picture is of me when I first came to live with Mom in early 1986. I was just a half-grown pup, then.
The second photo is from the summer of 1997. I may be full grown, but I still act like a puppy!


photograph of a pretty white dog with an arm across a tortoiseshell cat

This is NOT a contrived photograph. I love to snuggle and am friends with anything and everything. KitKat got along well with me.

tortoiseshell cat and her newborn kittens, with a white dog checking them out

Kitty didn't mind me being there during the birth of her kittens. Those kittens were half MINE! After all, I helped raise them! The kittens were born in early 1987.

four newborn kittens on a towel, with a pretty white dog guarding them

Here I am guarding the baby kitties. Their mother wouldn't always hang around, but I did.

Photo of Rachel on her side, with a kitten sitting all snuggly beside her

See what I mean? I helped take care of these guys! This was one of the cutest of the kittens, though I think they were all adorable. Wish I could have kept them!

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