Our Past Zoo Members


This is Chanticleer. He was great fun til he started to crow in the mornings!
We found him a great home on a nearby farm.

photo of the hamster tubes n trail setup

Chip used to really enjoy all the different ways I would set up his tubes and hideouts. He could hardly wait til I got a tube connected before he would run through it to wait for the next one. He was the cutest little thing. I don't have any pictures of him closeup, unfortunately. I have never seen another hamster that looked like Chip. He had the longest fur of any hamster I've seen, and such a pretty light tan color. It wasn't even really just one color - it was tan, smokey tan, light tan, beige and light brown all kind of mixed together. It was so long that it used to get matted, and I would have to cut the matts out. It made him look huge, when he was actually pretty small. I named him Chip partly after my beloved dog, Chipper, and partly because he looked like a little chipmunk when he filled his cheeks with food.

picture of a multicolored cat lying on her back playing with a catnip toy

This is KitKat, the tortoiseshell cat I had for awhile in England. My allergies got worse so we had to find her a new home, but we enjoyed her while we had her. She and Rachel got along great. They played all the time. While she lived with us, KitKat had some kittens, which was such a great experience. She wasn't a very good mother to them, though Rachel was! You can see some pictures of the darling little kittens on Rachel's picture page.

photo of a cat climbing out of a box

Another picture of KitKat after she had fun exploring a box of goodies that was sent to us by my mom!

picture of a cat exploring a soap bubble in the air

And yet one more photograph of KitKat having fun with a soap bubble I blew for her.

two white ducks in the green grass

These two weren't really Madhouse residents, but were borrowed for a week! I answered an ad in the paper for purchasing something totally unrelated to animals one time, and this fellow had a half dozen ducks in his back yard. He got them every year for his kids for Easter, then they went to live on his father's farm when fullgrown. I asked if I could borrow them for a day, for my daycare kids to see, and he told me to take them for a week! Such fun! The kids had a blast feeding the ducks every day, and listening to their soft quacks, and watching them swim in the baby pool I bought just for their visit.

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