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The Pitfalls of skydiving!

Beautiful Streamer
open for me
Up in the Blue sky
no canopy.

That was a song that Kevin used to sing around our DZ. Kind of apt for the top of this page, I thought.

What a drag!

red parachute and it's passenger getting dragged by the wind
Brad Grubel going out for a drag!
Note Diver Dan in the background doing the same thing!
(Guess what lightweight rarely jumped on really windy days?)

another skydiving getting dragged along the ground
Tom Mann doing the same!

On a windy day, there was always the chance of losing control of your parachute upon landing, and being dragged until you could get it deflated!

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Parachutes can malfunction, unfortunately, leading to at the very least, some scary moments. Our club followed the safety rules, and had very few malfunctions or injuries. Out of many thousands of jumps, here are some of the worst of our clubs' memories. All came out of the experience virtually unharmed.

blue and red round reseve parachute with another parachute streaming out behind
A reserve ride with a tail for Mitch.

blue and red round reseve parachute landing
Mitch landing safely.

animated picture of Mozilla under parachute

multicolored parachute with a tail
Mike managed to safely catch a pilot chute that came off Mitch's parachute while in the air.

leg in a cast
Am I unhappy because of the broken leg? Well, yes, but only because they wouldn't let me jump til the cast was off! I had one of the major "fatalities" at the club. I broke a leg on one of my early jumps, as I was moving with the wind upon landing, instead of into it. Thankfully, it wasn't a bad break, and I was jumping only about 2 months later (a little longer than I would have had to wait, but it was the middle of winter at the time!)

blue and white round reseve parachute landing in the bean field
Lee had his turn with a reserve ride.

round, white reseve parachute
Brad is featured again having a not-so-good jump.

skydiver climbing tree to try to get stuck parachute down T-10 parachute stuck in a tree
A student had some trouble steering! Tom Mann going up to free the parachute.

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