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rainbow colored paracommander coming in for a landing rainbow colored paracommander landing
Advanced to a Para-commander Landing!

animation of a parachutist coming in to land on a target

red and black checkered parachute coming in for a landing parachutist on ground, parachute falling to ground
This parachute was my favorite
para-commander. It's nickname was Thumper,
for hard landings.
I was light enough to be able to land
like a feather under it, though!

three skydivers standing near the plane
After I trained to be a jumpmaster, with two students I was about to toss.

me in freefall after j/m the students.
Me in freefall after tossing the students.

tiny red speck of a skydiver
Can you see the teensy red speck almost exactly in the center of the photo? That's me!

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