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The Plane and DZ fun

Cessna 182
The plane I made most of my jumps from.

tractor towing a plane
Merrill and Jim bought a tractor, and fixed it up. They used to tow the plane to and from the gas pumps with it.

Plattsmouth airport - aerial view
A photo of the Plattsmouth Airport. Hwy 34 runs parallel to the runways (north and south - this view looks south), and is located to the left. We met at the hangar at the end of the first building, and took off from the Plattsmouth Airport, but the skydivers landed across the dirt road from Airport property to the north..

landing zone shot from the air
Here's the grass runway in a farmer's field near the airport that was our usual landing zone. We'd drive over there in Old Blue (an ancient blue truck) to pick up the jumpers to take them back to the DZ for the next load. This shot is facing North East - we're on the DZ side in the plane.

an aerial view of both the DZ and the landing zone
Here is a shot where you can see both the DZ and the landing zone. The DZ is in the center of the photo, and the landing zone is the grass runway in the middle of the crops in the bottom right corner, running almost up and down in the photo.

Jump plane after new paint job
Here's our plane after it got a new paint job. Looks great!

Jim Saunders riding a unicycle
The owner of the DZ, Jim Saunders, riding a unicycle.

paraplane about to take off
Lee Baney's paraplane. He flew this during the time when he couldn't jump due to an injury.

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