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Skydiving Buddies

I found that skydiving buddies are some of the best kind of friends you can have. They're generally a close-knit group, always willing to help one another. They take care of each other, especially when it comes to jump safety.

They're also always ready to have a good time. Even on days when we couldn't jump, we always found something fun to do together. High spirited antics were always happening!

blond, curly headed guy kneeling by his parachute skydiver in light blue jumpsuit standing by the plane
Dan Loukaitis - a really fun guy
to hang around with. I shared
some special times jumping with him
near his hometown of Exira, Iowa.
Lee Baney ready for his jump!

Photo of a parachutist landing close by
Tommy landing in Ralston at a demo they did there.

photo of parachutist waving to crowd after landing
Jim Saunders just after his jump into Ralston.

skydiver posing in white and blue jumpsuit
Mick, a friend of Jim's from Texas. I was fortunate enough to skydive with him down in Houston one year.

parachutist with white jumpsuit coming in for a landing really close up
Tom Mann coming in for a landing.

two skydivers practicing RW - interlocking legs on the ground
Only skydivers wouldn't question THIS picture!
Mitch LaBenz (our club) and Walt from the Lincoln club.

skydivers discussing an RW jump
From left, me, Kevin Rich, Walt, Mitch and an unknown skydiver discussing our upcoming RW jump.

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