Skye's The Limit!

My Strato Cloud!

me showing off my new gear
Me showing off my new gear!

blue, white and red striped parachute
Isn't my Strato Cloud gorgeous? Two hundred and forty square feet of beauty, fun and adventure, all packed up in my rig!

The next few pictures are a series of me coming in for a landing
coming in for a landing by the target Tiptoes hitting the ground
feet firmly on the ground on my feet, parachute coming down

climbing out on the strut
Climbing out on the strut.

landing in intersection in the snow
Landing in the intersection of the dirt road that leads to the DZ. The road to our landing area wasn't passable, so we had to improvise. Not much stops a determined skydiver. We're like the US Postal Service - not rain, not snow, not dark of night.... :) I can only attest to the first two, personally. I've never actually jumped at night. Dusk, yes, but not dark.

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