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Beautiful Chutes

Here are some of the gorgeous parachutes that my skydiving buddies jumped!

rainbow colored parachute with white top
Kevin Rich - who was one of my closest buddies.

green, black, white and blue striped parachute
Mike Boyles parachute was nicknamed the Bruise! Mike used to call me "girly".

Heavenly photograph of a blue striped parachute coming down from a streaming sunlit sky
I think this photograph is aptly named as Heaven!
The skydiver in the picture is Tom Mann.

Rainbow parachute landing
From this distance, it almost looks like Kevin's parachute. But, it's really Lee Baney's. Lee's has a white top AND bottom, with only the ribs of the parachute being rainbow colored.

bright orange parachute
Dan Loukaitis' first parachute, called Old Gold.

green and white striped parachute
Dan Loukaitis' new parachute!

orange and cream colored parachute
Mick Sambasile, a visitor and friend from Texas

yellow, green, blue and black parachute
Jim Brenton - I think his looks pretty bruise colored, too! Picture shows Tom Whyte (Tommy) taking a photograph of Jim, too.

royal and light blue striped parachute with skydiver coming to a sitdown landing
Tom Mann's doing an interesting approach to a landing!

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