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Skydiving Terms

Some may be tongue-in-cheek!

Altimeter Device that measures altitude
Canopy Also known as a parachute
CREW or Canopy Relative Work When skydivers connect together under parachute to make formations
Drop Zone Where skydiving usually takes place - usually a small airport
Hop 'n Pop Jump where the skydiver pulls ripcord immediately after exiting aircraft
Malfunction When a parachute does not open properly
Parachutist Slightly less crazy human who opens a parachute sometime during the fall from the plane
Pilot Chute Small parachute that is used to help inflate the main parachute
Ram air or Square parachute Rectangular parachute that has cells that fill with air
Reserve Spare parachute a skydiver always has in case the main malfunctions
Rip Cord Handle that is pulled to deploy a parachute
RW or Relative Work When skydivers in freefall maneuver themselves to connect to other skydivers in formations
Skydiver Crazy human who jumps out of perfectly good airplane
Whuffo Someone who doesn't skydive and always asks "Whuffo you do that?"

animation of parachutes connected together

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