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Here is Spice on her very first day in the Madhouse!

Spice sitting on top of her gold cage

This picture is Spice a few months later, on top of her cage. What a cutie!

Spice already has some nicknames. I call her my Spicygirl, my little sweet Cinnamon-Spice and Sweet Tweets.

sound button to hear a cute song sung by Tweety Tweetybird's been one of my favorite cartoons since I was a kid, and when I found this wav file, I just knew it had to be on Spice's page. I think if she could talk, she'd sound like this!

At a little over a year old, Spice is a precious little sweetheart. She is everyone's bird. She'll go to anyone, and cuddle under your chin or on your shoulder for hours. No talking or whistling, but she has adorable chirps. Unlike Mohawk, who no longer likes to be petted, Spice will let you pet and preen her. She enjoys all the attention. She is an excellent eater, though she didn't start out quite that well. She ate alright when I got her, but now she eats most fruits and veggies, and tries a lot of the other stuff. She really loves her millet treat. For a long time, I was worried that she was underweight, though she really wasn't, she's just a smaller tiel than Mohawk. So, I was giving her a treat at night of a millet sprig. When she knew it was time, she'd start chirping really loudly, and when I opened the cage, she'd leap onto my arm, and slide down it to the bottom of her cage, where I would place her millet. Spice is my messiest eater. Pellets, seeds, veggie skins, all go flying out of her cage.

New! Watch a short video clip of my little beauty!
Here's one more of Spice eating.
And a REALLY cute one of Spice singing to a favorite toy.
Ok, I can't help it. A second one of her singing. She's just so cute!

Every day is Valentine's Day with my Valentiels!

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Valentiel and I Love Tiels images courtesy of Rita Garris.

Here's a cute photo of Spice peeking out of the Knex cage we had built for her.
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Sadly, we lost Spice unexpectedly in the fall of 2005. We are not sure what happened. We just found her dead in the bottom of the cage. She was only about 8 years old. We miss her dearly. She was such a little darling. She would snuggle up just under my chin, and just sit there for a long time. She would try hard not to poop on me. When she had to go, she would walk over to the edge of my arm and hoist her heiny over it to go. She usually still ended up getting me, but at least she tried! So precious!

A photo of a darling yellow and grey cockatiel
This is Nicky, a friend of Spice and Mohawk's.
Click on him to visit his page! Nicky fought a two year battle with liver problems. He is no longer with us, but his memory will live on. You can also see photos of Tookie, who recently came to live with Cheryl and Bruce.

See pictures of the Knex Cage that my Mom built me!

Deacon's Award for Cool Cockatiel Page

Spice has her own award for you now.
You can apply for it here!

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