This is my Thank You page!

Here is where I give many thanks to all those who have helped in some way, to make my website what it is - which I hope is as nice as I think it is!

You'll find links to graphics, music and sounds, backgrounds, as well as graphic making and html help. Check out these sites for yourself and see what fantastic people and places I've found on the web!

Thank you to everyone for all the help, inspiration, and terrific free stuff that makes the internet such a fantastic place to be! At some sites you'll find graphics that I have on my pages, other sites sparked my interest in learning a new skill in html or graphic building.

Please note this list was a lot more extensive in the past. I found that many of the links were to websites that were no longer up. So, I am unable to give thanks to those people at this time.

The Author is a member of
The HTML Writers Guild

In no particular order, at least at this time: (nor is this list by any means complete!)

Windy's Fashionable Page Designs Logo Windy has fantastic backgrounds, html help, and you'll also find a friend!
Graphics By Yo Yo's Place - Background sets and web design
Design's by Mitzi Logo Designs by Mitzi - Lovely background sets in many themes.
Bells n Whistles Logo Bells N Whistles - Graphics, javascripts, resources, hard to find html, and many other useful things.
Colormaker Logo Colormaker - This site helps you choose colors for your text and links. Really excellent way to have a color-coordinated page!
Sound America Logo Sound America - comedies, movies, spoofs and many more categories.
The Daily Wav The Daily Wav - Wav files, Midi songs. Lots to choose from!
The Print Shop Logo The Print Shop - A program I have used since my early Apple II years! Versatile, great value - I highly recommend it!
Paint Shop Pro 5 Paint Shop Pro - A complete image creation and manipulation program. I haven't even begun to touch the capabilities of this program.
Teach yourself Web Publishing by Laura Lemay Web Publishing by Laura Lemay. This book is excellent for beginners, though not just for beginners! She writes clearly, in easy to understand terms. I had my first webpage up the same day I bought the book!

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